Saturday, 25 August 2012

Torn by David Massey

Title: Torn
Author: David Massey
Published by: Chicken House
Publication date: 2nd August 2012
Pages: 304
Genres: Young Adult/War
Format: Paperback
Source: Review copy from the publisher


In the heat and dust, young British army medic Elinor Nielson watches an Afghan girl walk into a hail of bullets. But when she runs to help, Ellie finds her gone.

Who is she? And what's happened to her?

What Ellie discovers makes her question everything she believes in - even her feelings for the American lieutenant who takes her side.

At first, I didn't think I would enjoy this book at all. If you've been reading this blog for a while, you might have noticed that there aren't many reviews of war books. However, when Chicken House sent it to me, I decided to give it a go. I was pleasantly surprised!

'Torn' deals with issues such as child soldiers, in such a way that it's easy to understand and the book doesn't become too heavy. At the end there was a small twist, which I loved - it made the ending a lot more cheerful!

Throughout the book, Ellie forms a crush on American Lieutenant, Ben which adds a bit of fun to the story. I think there could've been more romance though, as it was only towards the end.

My favourite characters were Ellie, Ben and Chip (another soldier who Ellie becomes friends with). It's hard to decide who my absolute favourite out of those three is. Possibly Chip - he was nice to Ellie and made everything into a joke to make her feel better in serious situations.

'Torn' is perfect for readers who don't like too much blood and guts and it's fine for any age. It's such a good book! 5/5.
Thanks to Chicken House for sending this to me, I loved it!

Official Publication Date: 2nd August 2012
Note: Sorry this was such a short review, I'm leaving to go on holiday in half an hour so I had to rush it a bit. You can buy this book HERE.

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  1. I love war stories - despite making me cry - so I'm desperate to read this one! It sounds so powerful. I'm glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for the great review! <3