Thursday, 14 June 2012

Dads, Geeks and Blue Haired Freaks Blog Tour: The Music Ellie Wrote To


Thursday 14th June 
Hairstyle of the Day: 

As a tribute to Vidal Sassoon I think that today's hairstyle needs to be the 1960's bob - as shown here.

Music is really important in our house.  My partner is a musician, my son plays piano and drums – so if we're not playing it we're listening to it or going to see it.  I'm the least musical in my family and have appalling taste when left to my own devices (allegedly)  so I take instruction from everyone else.  We listen across a huge spectrum of music  you couldn't define it, but when I write I do like calm, meditative tunes.  I'm lucky; I can write anywhere.  I can write with the TV on, sat in the lounge – scribbling on a pad or at a desk on a laptop in silence. 

In this case I wrote to Ruth Moody's The Garden, Alabama Shakes Hold On Tinariwen AmassakoulEfterklang Alike Active Child You Are All I See, Bon Iver HoloceneSigur Ros GlosoliAmy Winehouse Stronger than me, Richard Hawley For Your Lover Give Sometime Stina Nordenstam Another Story Girl, Parry Gripp Hamster on a Piano, Mandalay It’s Enough NowThieves Unworthy, Cocteau Twins Heaven or Las Vegas.

Thanks Ellie! I hope you all enjoyed this post. The next stop on the blog tour is in the 18th. You can see it HERE.

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  1. I love these kinds of posts! I keep meaning to listen to more Bon Iver songs, the few I've heard are brilliant. Thanks for the great post!