Sunday, 1 May 2011

Stormbreaker (The Graphic Novel) by Anthony Horowitz

Title: Stormbreaker (Graphic Novel)
Author: Anthony Horowitz
Published by: Walker Books
Publication date: 3rd July 2006
Pages: 144
Genres: Young Adult/Graphic novel/Adventure
Format: Paperback
Source: Review copy from the publisher.

Forcibly recruited into MI6 after the mysterious death of his guardian, fourteen-year-old Alex Rider is sent to infiltrate the organization of sinister billionaire Darrius Sayle.

Within days he's gone from schoolboy to superspy - but it looks like his first assignment may be his last...

The official graphic novel adaption of 2006's hottest movie blockbuster, Stormbreaker.

Alex's Uncle works for the 'bank'. Well, that's what he tells his nephew. Little does Alex know, he actually works for MI6 and every day when he leaves for work, he's most-likely jetting off to another country to track people down and have a car chase....maybe he'll even kill someone if he has to. This massive secret is found out though, when eventually Alex's Uncle dies on one of his missions. At the funeral, Alex is approached by someone and that's when the story really starts to happen.

Stormbreaker was the first graphic novel that I ever read, and it really made a great first impression on me. The beginning of the book seemed like the middle of the story, and it was full of mystery which really made me want to read more.

The drawings in this book are really cool. Sometimes the scene has no need for words, as the picture alone is expressive enough. They're really impressive!

I think this graphic novel gets a 5/5. I can't see anything wrong with this at all - great for a beginner or a short-story for a more experienced reader.


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