Thursday, 10 February 2011

Lily Alone by Jacqueline Wilson

Title: Lily Alone
Author: Jacqueline Wilson
Published by: Random House
Publication date: 3rd February 2011
Pages: 320
Genres: Children's/Family
Format: Hardback
Source: Review copy from the publisher.

How to look after my brother and sisters

1. Make sure they eat three meals a day - and not just ice cream!
2. Keep clothes not too mucky!
3. Everyone must go to bed before midnight, especially Pixie!
4. Don't let them go to school in case they give away our secret.
5. Keep everyone safe till Mum comes back...

Lily isn't home ALONE - but she sort of wishes she was; looking after her three younger siblings is a lot of responsibility.

When Mum goes off on holiday with her new boyfriend and her stepdad fails to show up, Lily is determined to keep the family together and show they can cope without any grown-ups. But taking care of 6-year-old twins, her 3-year-old sister and the family's flat feels overwhelming and Lily is worried that school or social services might discover their situation and break up the family. What could be better than to take all the little ones for a camping adventure in the park? Plenty of space to run about, no carpet to vacuum, and surely no chance anyone will guess they're there . . .

This (amazing) novel is about an eleven year old girl called Lily. Her Mum seems to have depression, so Lily has to look after her younger siblings Bliss, Baxter and Pixie quite a lot. Lily feels very alone, but sometimes she prefers that.

Lily Alone really moved me. It was so emotional and when Lily and her brother and sisters went through all the troubles and trauma, you could just tell that the words had been well thought of, and the whole story in general just fitted together really well. It definitely isn't the most original novel Jacqueline has written, but it was definitely the best. And I know that whenever I review her books, I say 'it's the best' but this time I'm telling the absolute truth; Jacqueline's books just get better and better every time.

My favourite character was Bliss, Lily's sister. She was so sweet and cute, and she was very caring. My least favourite character was Mr Abbott, Lily's teacher. Lily says she loves him, but to me he just seems like a horrible man who has nothing better to do than poke around in other peoples lives!

I recommend this fabulous novel to readers aged 9-16, and give it 5/5. This really is an incredibly moving story that stays with the reader long after the final page is turned. 


  1. I want to read this book!! I have read all of her books apart from this one and The Longest Whale Song. She is a fantastic writer!

  2. Oh your so lucky you got it! Jealous? Me? No way....

  3. Great review! I really want to read this.

  4. i haven't read this but my favourite jaquline wilson book to date is kiss.
    good review. :)

  5. I have awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award!

  6. This book is absoloutly fantastic. Its very moving and it made me feel as if I was standing there with Lily, Baxter, Bliss and Pixie and joining in with their adventures. But will there be a second book about Lily? Please make one !!!