Friday, 16 July 2010

Fortune by Megan Cole

Title: Fortune
Author: Megan Cole
Published by: Harper Collins
Publication date: 8th July 2010
Pages: 432
Genres: Young Adult/Chick Lit/Romance/Contemporary
Format: Paperback
Source: Review copy from the publisher.

Step into the world of the mega-rich… and the mega-bitches. Three girls. One life-changing fortune…

Madison is so over New York. Her mom won't let her have botox and she can't leave the city because her step-father is sick. Snoresville. So when she gets a mysterious invitation to a private party in Capri, held by billionaire music mogul Brad Masters, she's determined to go.

Simonetta wants her mamma off her back. Of course she's not going to give up modelling in Rome to go back to her fusty little village. When she gets her invitation, she sees the chance to lose her roots forever.

Sapphire just wants to write songs and hang out in the London record shop where she works. When she's invited to Brad's party, she doesn't even want to go – but her mum seems strangely excited about it.

Madison, Simonetta and Sapphire: three girls from different worlds who are about to find out they have more in common than they think.

I really, really like this cover. The font is perfect, the colours are perfect....I wouldn't change a thing! It definitely stands out among all the black vampire-y type novels that are popular lately, because it's so bright. I love the black silhouettes of the girls against the bright blue sky. It's a peaceful, relaxing cover and perfect for a day at the beach.

The story isn't very unique - it kind of reminds me of Mamma Mia, but I can't tell you why. It would spoil the story; you'll have to read it yourself! I do love the whole idea of Fortune, though. I wish I could say more on this, but it would spoil the surprises and the twists.

My least favourite character is Madison. She is so nasty! Her thoughts and schemes were funny though, so it added a little humour to the story. My favourite character is Sapphire because she's kind and she loves music and her guitar, just like me. I felt really sorry for Sapphire when Madison and Simonetta were mean to her, and Brad always blamed it on Sapphire.

The surprises and the twists were SO good! And this novel wasn't predictable at all - it keeps the reader on the edge of their seat, waiting to see what will happen next. The author has done a brilliant job keeping the reader interested.

This book gets a rating of 5/5. It was an excellent novel. A perfect beach read! I desperately hope there will be a sequel! Definitely worth reading.


  1. I thought exactly the same regarding the similarities to Mamma Mia! I'm loving it - shame I've almost finished it.

  2. It sounds like fun! Thank you for this great review!