Saturday, 5 June 2010

Gimme A Call by Sarah Mlynowski

Title: Gimme a Call
Author: Sarah Mlynowski
Published by: Orchard Books
Publication date: 3rd June 2010
Pages: 336
Genres: Young Adult
Format: Paperback
Source: Review copy from WHSmith.

Devi Banks can suddenly talk to her future self - via her mobile!

The older Devi is over the moon - she can stop her younger self falling for the boy who just broke her heart.

But is changing the past really that easy?

Ever wished you could change the past?

Be careful what you wish for.

I really loved this book - it was absolutely amazing. I liked the bit where the older Devi dropped her phone in the fountain in the mall....pressed 'Send' and managed to somehow call her three and a half years younger self!

Also, I think the cover is really cool; it's nice and bright and would definitely stand out in a shop.

The characters were really funny and witty. My favourite character was younger Devi, because even though sometimes she was a bit annoying, she was really funny and I liked the ways she tried to change her path to avoid the problems that older Devi had told her about.

I liked the way that one chapter would be older Devi and the next would be younger Devi, and so on. You got both sides of the story which was good!

The ending is actually the best ending to a book that I've EVER read - seriously! The ending is so, so, so cool!

Overall this book is BRILLIANT! I recommend it for readers aged 11+.


  1. That book sounds AMAZING :D I am definetly gonna look for it ;)

  2. I've been looking forward to this book for ages so it's great to hear how good it is! Thank you for the wonderful review!

  3. ooh gosh! i haven't heard about this book, but it looks SO gorgeouz so I can't WAIT to buy it!

  4. I haven't heard of this one before but sounds like a good fun read :)