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Introducing Scarlett Lee by Rose Impey

Title: Introducing Scarlett Lee
Author: Rose Impey
Published by: Orchard
Publication date: 7th February 2008
Pages: 240
Genres: Young Adult
Format: Paperback
Source: Bought.

Scarlett is a drama queen in every sense.

Larger than life, she lives to act and sometimes has trouble remembering when the drama lesson ends and real life resumes.

When her father seems to 'disappear', Scarlett suddenly finds herself in a real-life drama of her own.

Will she be able to uncover the mystery and discover just who she can trust and who is really putting on an act?

Scarlett is a full-on, five-star blockbuster of a drama queen. Wasn't she named after Scarlett O' Hara, one of the greatest drama queens ever?

Scarlett is obsessed with drama and really wants to become a famous actress. At drama club she always has her best friend, Gemma, in a fit of giggles by impersonating the other girls at their Drama Club. But one day, Gemma turns on Scarlett and Scarlett becomes the loneliest person in the world. Well, she has her mum and big sister Cleo to keep her company but... it just isn't the same.

Scarlett's dad is going on a trip in a yacht in the Atlantic Ocean for six weeks! She really misses her dad - they all do. But then dad's best friend Gerry (the girls call him Uncle Gerry) arrives on the scene and everything changes! It turns out Uncle Gerry is... evil.

A big drama happens involving the police... and for once Scarlett doesn't want to be the centre of it all!

This book was really good, and it was like the book had been written about me! I'm just like Scarlett - I love drama, singing and dancing.

I give this book 4/5. I was a bit disappointed because when Gemma turned nasty and ignored Scarlett, I was like 'Oh I can't wait to get to the end - I want to know why Gemma has turned so nasty!' but it turned out the book didn't give any explanation of what happened to Gemma. But luckily that was the only down part of the whole book!

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